Varieties of Potato

The potato, we are told, is the best package of nutrition in the world, being rich in calories, minerals, vitamins and protein and virtually free of fat. It has no known allergens and is gluten free. Potatoes supply every vital nutrient except calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D. The crop can be grown across a diverse range of soil types and climatic conditions and has the ability to provide more nutritious food faster on less land than any other food crop, and in almost any habitat.

The potato is a member of the Solanaceae family, which includes tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. There are about 150 species in the wild, but only one, Solanum tuberosum, is grown outside the Andes. Within this species, however, there are thousands of different varieties. The International Potato Centre in Peru has preserved almost 5,000 varieties and new varieties are constantly in development.

The Irish Potato Market

The Irish potato market has been through many changes over the years as the popularity of varieties changes. Traditionally Irish people like a “floury” potato with medium-high dry matter. Most of our popular varieties are above 20% dry matter.

As follows is an approximate breakdown of the Irish potato market by variety:




Kerr's Pink


Golden Wonder


Salad & Baby Potatoes


Maris Piper


Other Varieties

These other varieties are mainly white skinned potatoes, the most popular being Maritiema, Cultra, Navan, Nectar and Electra. These tend to be a low to medium dry matter.